What we do

We offer language- and culturally specific, and non-stigmatizing services that address im/migrant sex workers’ needs in areas of social, health, legal, immigration, and criminal justice.



Our outreach teams provide in-person support to women working in massage businesses and other indoor locations from Richmond to Abbotsford.

We address health, social, legal, immigration, criminal justice, and work-related issues – think of our work as a mix between a union and a social service agency.


Staff provide virtual outreach to im/migrant sex workers via text message, email, telephone, apps and other internet and communication technologies.

Abuser Alert

Our bad date reporting system provides im/migrant sex workers with a means to report violent incidents or safety concerns to their peers and/or outreach workers. We distribute these reports via text messages to the community we serve.


Community Peer Program

Our Community Peer Program provides opportunities for social connection and learning.

Activities include English and yoga classes, legal information sessions, and social gatherings, among various other events and activities.


























Addressing media representations of im/migrant sex workers

This 2022-24 project directly engages with the media to shift their representation of im/migrant sex workers. The project is in consultation with the women we serve and aims to reduce the stigma that misrepresentation causes. The project challenges irresponsible media coverage and encourages evidence-based reporting on the realities of im/migrant sex work, while taking into consideration the harms that come from conflating it with human trafficking. The intended outcome is the adoption of responsible, accurate, and ethical journalism in regard to coverage of both sex work and trafficking.


Increasing access to community services for im/migrant sex workers in Western Canada

SWAN is engaged in a knowledge exchange with the Yukon Status of Women Council, Peers Victoria and Shift Calgary to increase accessibility to community supports for im/migrant sex workers outside of Greater Vancouver.  

In 2024, SWAN will work with settlement organizations in B.C. to reduce barriers to service for im/migrant sex workers. 


Community consultation to inform law reform

In 2022-2023, SWAN conducted a broad community consultation to elicit im/migrant sex workers’ perspectives about law reform, in particular, immigration law reform. 

Following the consultation, we identified a need for legal education among the community we support and we’re currently working to fill the gap.   

Given the inaccessibility of legal processes for the majority of the women we serve, The Racial Justice Project gives women an opportunity to engage with immigration law, the criminal justice system and the law reform process.  

Our programs and projects are generously funded by: 

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The Milne Family

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Current Campaigns

Call Script: #StopTheRaids Richmond

Use SWAN's template letter to put more pressure on City Hall"Hi my name is _________ [For Richmond residents: I live in the ____ community in Richmond] and I’m asking the City to stop the raids at massage parlours because they endangering women engaged in sex work.  ...

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Historic Campaign

Harms of Anti-Trafficking

‘Anti-Trafficking: Harming While Trying to Help’ More and more people are learning about human trafficking and feel compelled to do something about it. Unfortunately, this desire to take action is not always expressed in productive ways. Some campaigns are…


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