You Choose: Seek Justice as a Migrant Sex Worker

SWAN launches ‘You Choose: Seek Justice as a Migrant Sex Worker’ for Victims & Survivors of Crime Week 2022 SWAN has created an interactive campaign called ‘‘You Choose: Seek Justice as a Migrant Sex Worker. This campaign allows you to experience

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Chocolate or Chicken Bones

SWAN is pleased to announce our new Photovoice Project, ‘Chocolate or Chicken Bones’. This project showcases photos taken by the women we serve, depicting various aspects of their lives, including their families, homes, hobbies, dreams, and travels.

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Harms of Anti-Trafficking

SWAN’s project, ‘Anti-Trafficking: Harming While Trying to Help’ looks at how mainstream anti-trafficking campaigns can be ineffective and even detrimental to the cause. Through this project, we hope to raise awareness about these unintended harms

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Operation Reverse Spotlight

With the 2018 Most Wanted list, Operation Reverse Spotlight shone a spotlight on those who do more harm than good in their attempts to address human trafficking. Police officers, politicians, and feminist organizations all made the list.

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Building a Culture of Respect

‘Building a Culture of Respect’ Campaign for Victims and Survivors of Crime Week 2018 Based on migrant sex workers’ experiences with police in 2017-2018, SWAN launched ‘Building a Culture of Respect: Police and Sex Workers‘ campaign. This campaign is targeted at...

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Operation Northern Spotlight

Beginning in 2017, SWAN led advocacy against Operation Northern Spotlight, a national, anti-trafficking police operation purportedly created to identify victims of human trafficking. Operation Northern Spotlight included undercover sting operations and workplace raids...

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