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not rescue.

We promote the rights, health, and safety of im/migrant women engaged in indoor sex work through front-line service and systemic advocacy.

In everything we do, we center the health, safety, and self-determination of the women we serve.

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About SWAN

Since 2002, SWAN has provided support to im/migrant sex workers in Greater Vancouver.

Im/migrant sex workers face multi-layered stigma, racism, and criminalization.  Because of this, they are also unable to access mainstream support services. We offer low-barrier, culturally-specialized, and non-stigmatizing services through our frontline programs.

SWAN also works in partnership with community organizations and the women we serve to advocate for systemic change.
Our research, advocacy, and law reform efforts aim to dismantle policies and practices that contribute to the marginalization of im/migrant sex workers.

We recognize that there is an urgent need to fight for the labour and legal protections of im/migrant sex workers, and we continue to work alongside them to secure their full and meaningful inclusion in our society.

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Volunteering at SWAN is a life-changing experience! Join a Condom Packing Party or become member of our Outreach Team.