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Operation Northern Spotlight

Apr 1, 2018 | Campaigns

Beginning in 2017, SWAN led advocacy against Operation Northern Spotlight, a national, anti-trafficking police operation purportedly created to identify victims of human trafficking.

Operation Northern Spotlight included undercover sting operations and workplace raids on locations where sex work occurs.

Created by the Durham Regional Police in 2014, this operation involved 62 police agencies at its height in 2018 across Canada.

Further resources:

Northern Spotlight ethical anti-trafficking response
9 March 2018 (National)
“Realities of the Anti-Trafficked: How Canada’s Human Trafficking Response Increases Vulnerability for Im/Migrant Sex Workers,” SWAN’s submission to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights on Human Trafficking

Formal calls to police agencies from sex worker groups across Canada to end to the operation:

Other Media:

Police defend the operation:

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