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Operation Reverse Spotlight

With the 2018 Most Wanted list, Operation Reverse Spotlight shone a spotlight on those who do more harm than good in their attempts to address human trafficking. Police officers, politicians, and feminist organizations all made the list.

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Building a Culture of Respect

‘Building a Culture of Respect’ Campaign for Victims and Survivors of Crime Week 2018 Based on migrant sex workers’ experiences with police in 2017-2018, SWAN launched ‘Building a Culture of Respect: Police and Sex Workers‘ campaign. This campaign is targeted at...

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Operation Northern Spotlight

Beginning in 2017, SWAN led advocacy against Operation Northern Spotlight, a national, anti-trafficking police operation purportedly created to identify victims of human trafficking. Operation Northern Spotlight included undercover sting operations and workplace raids...

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Hidden Harms of Anti-Trafficking

SWAN hosted Hidden Harms of Anti-Trafficking; an evening of engaging presentations and community dialogue aimed at addressing the harms of the anti-trafficking rescue industry.Forum Presenters:SWAN Executive Director An avid traveller and academic, Alison's extensive...

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