SWAN Vancouver relies on the devotion, passion, and action of committed volunteers. Every year countless hours are donated by skilled, engaged women from the community who have a fire in their heart for providing support and facilitating informed, empowered decision-making for newcomer, immigrant and migrant women engaged in indoor sex work throughout the Lower Mainland. The diversity of backgrounds, heritage and languages makes SWAN a truly unique feminist participatory action network that is flexible and strong enough to support the women we serve through whatever challenges life throws their way.

SWAN invites you to join our collectively run, volunteer driven, non-profit providing outreach, advocacy, education and engagement for women engaged in indoor sex work.

Support and training

  • SWAN provides orientation, training, supervision, and coordination.
  • The SWAN Collective and/or staff will conduct intake and exit interviews with the volunteer.
  • Volunteers will be accountable to another volunteer (SWAN Collective) or staff person.


Recognition and benefits

  • Develop and enhance professional skills in a social services environment
  • Opportunity for personal growth in a culturally respectful and sensitive environment
  • Valuable skills for a resume
  • SWAN will provide a reference letter upon request and after a volunteer has satisfactorily completed her term.


Positions available

Currently SWAN is seeking volunteers with, but not limited to, the following skills sets:

  • Mandarin and Cantonese speaking, writing and translation; health services; fundraising/donor relations; public relations and experienced outreach workers.
  • Experiential women are always welcome. Confidentiality and privacy are always maintained.


If you are interested in a volunteer position, please contact us at 604 719 6343 or outreach@swanvancouver.ca. We look forward to meeting you!