What your donation can do

$25 – One hour of outreach to women providing harm reduction supplies, health and legal information and access to immediate support services

$30 – One health accompaniment to a women’s clinic with translation

$50 – One outreach shift in a Greater Vancouver neighborhood

$75 – Two online/in print advertisements that promote SWAN’s safe services to women who work alone

$100 – Reach out to 400 women who advertise online/in print in one month to inform them of SWAN’s support services

$225 – Chinese translation of our SWANzine newsletter with important health, legal and community information

$1000 – Yearly emergency fund which includes funding for
-Emergency housing
-Medication costs for those who may have challenging circumstances and may not be able to afford medication

If you would like to support SWAN’s work, please mail a cheque payable to
SWAN Vancouver Society
P.O. Box 21520, 1424 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC V5L 3X9

Or make on online donation to our PayPal account below.

Or call for more information 604.719.6343