About SWAN Vancouver

SWAN supports the health, safety and well-being of newcomer, migrant and immigrant women engaged in indoor sex work. Our membership includes women from diverse cultural backgrounds who speak various languages. We use this diversity to build a community network that supports women who work in massage parlours, private residences and other indoor sites. Trans* & gender-diverse migrant and immigrant women are welcome. We also support women who have been trafficked.

关于SWAN Vancouver

SWAN 支持在室内进行性工作的新来,临时,和移民妇女的安全和身心健康。我们的妇女会员们拥有多方面的文化和背景,而她们对性工作也有直接和间接的经验。我们会 说广东话,普通话, 和英语。我们利用我们的多样背景来为在按摩院和其它室内场所工作的女士们建设了一个社区支援网络。我们欢迎跨性别与多元性別的新来、临时和移民妇女。虽然从我们的经验得知贩卖人口不会经常发生在室内进行性工作的妇女身上, 不过我们有能力应对人口贩运的事件。



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