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Roundtable on Asian Migrant Sex Work

New Books Network: Roundtable on Asian Migrant Sex Work: in the aftermath of the Atlanta massacre in March 2021, Executive Director Alison Clancey, Kelly Go (SWAN’s Outreach Coordinator), Dr. Lily Wong & Dr. Yuri Doolan were interviewed in a panel together.

This podcast episode seeks to express solidarity with these groups by highlighting the work of scholars and organizers who have been studying the racially encoded figures and the broader histories of Asian migrant sex work. We hope to give space here to understand how the violence that occurred on March 16 was imbricated within a racial capitalist structure that views Asian and Asian American women as disposable objects

It is crucial now to join groups that stand for the decriminalization of migration and sex work, and to reject calls for hate-crime laws or anti-sex trafficking laws, or any legislation that would bring more policing, all of which would only make migrants and sex workers more vulnerable and stigmatized.