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Expert Take: Questions to Ask About Human Trafficking ‘Facts’ & Statistics

To combat misinformation, SWAN has collaborated with qualified experts to discuss a heavily sensationalized and politicized topic in Canada — human trafficking.

In this resource, Drs O’Doherty and Millar — two researchers that are directly engaged with data collection and analysis in the area of human trafficking in Canada — explain some of the key questions that journalists should be exploring with their sources when reporting on human trafficking.

Questions to explore include:


How does the source define ‘human trafficking’?


Does the source take a narrow view of human trafficking?


Where is the source getting their data?


What is the source looking to achieve?

See the full resource for a breakdown of these questions and some of the important considerations behind them.

Check out SWAN’s resource on how anti-trafficking campaigns harm sex workers

See here for an illustration of how data and statistics can be misinterpreted, misrepresented and/or manipulated

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