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Expert Take: Men & Masc Sex Workers

To combat the longstanding stereotype that sex workers are only women, SWAN teamed up with HIM, an organization that supports men and masc sex workers, to help dispel some myths and shed light on an under-resourced and often forgotten community. 

In this resource, Brett Koenig (B.A., M.Sc.) — from the Vancouver Sex Work Community Alliance — gives a thorough introduction to sex work for men and masc individuals, some of the issues this community faces, and suggestions for media when reporting on sex work.

Topics covered include:


Realities of men and masc people engaging in sex work


The impact of language around sex work on this community


The lack of resources prioritized for men and masc sex workers


How the anti-trafficking industry impacts men and masc sex workers

See the full resource for a detailed breakdown of these topics.

Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations Sex Work Prohibition

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