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A Word on Ethical Imagery

Bad Imagery in Sex Work Reporting

Using inappropriate images when reporting on sex work can contribute to misinformation, widely-held stereotypes and the dehumanization and ‘othering’ of sex workers.



Journalists and producers can ask themselves the following questions when considering an image to include in an article about sex work(ers):
Is this photo/image accurate? Does is enhance or convey the message in my storytelling?
What will be the impacts of using this photo/image — on the subject(s) of the story and the general public?
Does this photo/image push stereotypes about an already marginalized group of people?
Is this photo/image sensationalist?

Check out the full resource for some examples of bad imagery in sex work reporting, or visit SWAN’s Harmful Images gallery.

Check here for a blog post by our Communications Manager, explaining our “ethical imagery dilemma” and why we couldn’t produce better alternative images.

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