Are you a victim of violence?  British Columbia Coalition of Experiential Communications has a fact sheet for sex workers and who are victims of violence and how to access supports and services: The 411

If you are a victim of violence and you are unsure you want to report to authorities, SWAN can talk through your options which may or may not include reporting to the police dependent on your wishes. If you do not wish to report to police, SWAN can inform you of community supports and services available to you.

SWAN also has an Abuser Alert system where you can share information about abusers and sign up to receive SMS notifications with information about abusers so you can watch out for them. To make a report, click here. If you wish to regularly receive information about abusers, please text “alert” to 604 719 6343 (English) or 778 865 6343 (Cantonese & Mandarin) or email

Where can I get more information about staying safe while working?

We Got This: A Zine about Screening, Safe Calls & Buddy Systems For Safer Indoor Sex Work  by Juliet November

Security Matters by STAR– information on how you can prepare for work, how to make your work environment more secure, and how to deal with clients.

Keeping Safe: Safety Advice for Sex Workers includes safety tips for working from home.

Living in Community Toolkit also offers safety tips, mainly for women working on the streets.