Netreach is online outreach via web-based platforms and e-communication to meet the needs of the ever-changing indoor sex work sector. With Netreach, SWAN aims to connect primarily but not exclusively with newcomer, migrant and immigrant women who access the internet professionally to do sex work.

Why Netreach?

Since our beginnings, SWAN has provided information and support to women working in massage parlours. While we still do, we recognize that many women are also members of online communities and use online spaces for work (e.g. profiles, chat rooms, etc.). Through Netreach, SWAN hopes to reach out to women via the communication tools women use (internet, telephone, text message) to raise awareness about the supports and services SWAN can provide.

Netreach Goals & Plans

•        Provide outreach and initiate relationships with adult indoor sex workers through online networks
•        Reduce isolation by building relationships with women who previously have not accessed SWAN
•        Increase awareness about SWAN’s work, including harm-reduction resources and services
•        Share information, including latest news updates
•        Share resources and facilitate access to community services through referrals and partnerships
•        Gather information about indoor sex workers’ needs and priorities regarding safety, health, etc.

Netreach Manual
SWAN has developed an online outreach ‘how-to’ manual based on our Netreach program called ‘Outreach in the Age of Information and Communication Technologies: A Manual for Sex Work Support Organizations’. If you are a sex work support organization that wants to know more about doing outreach online, email us at to obtain a copy of our manual.

Contact Netreach staff  at 778 865 6343, by email at, or on WeChat (username: SWANnetreach). We have staff who speak English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.


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