SWAN Vancouver Society is a registered charity and non-profit society that provides a safe environment and non-judgmental support for newcomer, migrant and immigrant women who do indoor sex work. SWAN offers two programs (Outreach and Netreach); publishes a quarterly newsletter on health, safety and other work-related issues; participates in municipal initiatives that promote sex workers’ rights; and conducts research that informs policy and dialogue on sex work and human trafficking at municipal, national and international levels. Our membership includes women from diverse cultural backgrounds who speak various languages. We use this diversity to build a community network that supports women who work in massage shops and other indoor sites.


Provide culturally appropriate and language-specific support, education, research, advocacy and outreach for newcomer, migrant and immigrant women engaged in indoor sex work.

Position Statement

SWAN recognizes sex work as work. We support the decriminalization of sex work. SWAN advocates for sex workers’ rights and we do our best to ensure that women engaged in sex work are able to work safely and without discrimination. We celebrate newcomer, migrant, and immigrant women as integral to the sex workers’ rights movement. We welcome trans* & gender-diverse im/migrant women.


A society in which sex work stigma, discrimination and inequities are eliminated and non-judgmental community acceptance, supports and resources exist for women who engage in sex work.


-Connect with indoor sex workers who may experience barriers in accessing health, legal and social services.
-Deliver a wide range of rights-based, sex worker-centered harm reduction support services.
-Build and sustain trust and respect to ensure the women we support have access to community-based services and current information on issues that affect their work.
-Develop knowledge on the national and transnational dimensions of human trafficking from a critical perspective. Recognize the distinction between sex work and human trafficking and the consequences that can result from conflating sex work with human trafficking.


SWAN Vancouver Society is a member of the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women, Living in Community, the Canadian Alliance of Sex Work Law Reform and a supporter of the Global Network of Sex Work Projects.