The Wrong Light & Anti-Trafficking Philanthropy: A Cautionary Tale

On November 6, 2017 SWAN hosted a screening of The Wrong Light followed by a community dialogue, “Anti-Trafficking Philanthropy: A Cautionary Tale”.

The purpose of the documentary screening and community forum was to highlight the negative impacts of well-intentioned anti-trafficking efforts. Mainstream media, some anti-trafficking organizations and governments are guilty of perpetuating uncritical, non-evidence-based anti-trafficking information.

For the general public, it is easy to understand why people support this well-marketed cause; most want to do their part to prevent women and children from suffering. Sometimes however, the general public are unaware of the complexities of anti-trafficking discourse, its conflation of trafficking and sex work and the collateral damage well-meaning anti-trafficking initiatives cause. The more misinformed initiatives are supported, the more powerful they become and the more harm they inflict. SWAN encourages everyone to think about and invest in responsible advocacy and charitable giving when it comes to human trafficking.

 The Wrong Light                                                                   wrong Light

‘The Wrong Light’ tells the riveting story of a charismatic activist who leads a globally-regarded anti-trafficking NGO in Northern Thailand that provides shelter and education to young girls rescued from brothels. But as the filmmakers embed themselves at the shelter and meet the girls and their families, discrepancies begin to emerge. While the filmmakers embark search for the truth and ensure the girls’ safety, the heroic tale takes a shocking turn and reveals a dark side of child advocacy behind the trafficking headlines. The documentary is available on DVD and iTunes on November 14, 2017.

Anti-Trafficking Philanthropy: A Cautionary Tale
After the documentary, attendees participated in a community dialogue about anti-trafficking philanthropy. SWAN started this dialogue with the presentation ‘Anti-Trafficking Philanthropy: A Cautionary Tale’.