SWANzine provides information on sex work and the law; employment, health and social services; ESL; safety and health issues for women engaged in indoor sex work. Our outreach teams distribute SWANzine to indoor sex work sites in Metro Vancouver.

Funding partnerships enable SWAN to produce SWANzine four times a year. SWANzine is currently published in English and Chinese. Translation of SWANzine to other languages may be available upon request.

Fall 2018 SWANzine
Topics: UBC Law student, CBSA and immigration detention, Annual General Meeting, Health project, Photovoice project

Summer 2018 SWANzine
Topics: Red Umbrella March, PHAC Project update, Photovoice update, Law, GetCheckedOnline, Health Clinics

Spring 2018 SWANzine
Topics: Beauty Night, Legal Information, Abuser Alert, Mid-month Deliveries, New Staff, Photovoice project, Health Clinics

Winter 2018 SWANzine
Topics: Beauty Night, Robberies, Mid-month Deliveries, New Community Service, Photovoice Project, PrEP: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

Fall 2017 SWANzine
Topics: Announcements, New Staff, Visitors at Your Workplace, Outreach Updates, Photovoice Project, Operation Northern Spotlight, Health Clinics, Beauty Night, Your Rights, Criminal Justice Process

Summer 2017 SWANzine
Topics: Safety, Supplies Deliveries, Right to Remain Silent, Barriers to Justice, Residential Tenancy Rights

Spring 2017 SWANzine
Topics: SWAN Expansion, Tax Clinic, SWAN Staff, Health Clinics, Money & Housing Issues, Safe sex supplies in the workplace, Urinary Tract Infections

Winter 2017 SWANzine
Topics : Our new project, SWAN advocacy, healthcare updates, SWAN expansion, the West End Sex Workers Memorial, safety and technology, and law enforcement visits.

Fall 2016 SWANzine
Topics: Red Umbrella March, SWAN Volunteers, condoms and the police, non-payment and asserting your rights to be paid, checking clients for STI’s

Spring 2016 SWANzine
Topics: VPD Sex Work Enforcement Guidelines Video and Provincial Sex Work Enforcement Guidelines, Feature on SWAN Staff Members, The Law and Legal Rights Cards, Your Rights, SWAN Advocacy in the Community, a New Online STI Testing Service

Winter 2015/2016 SWANzine
Topics: Abuser Alert, New Policy for City of Vancouver, What Do We Do, Questions about Workplace, Community Health Resources, Douching

Spring 2015 SWANzine
Topics: How to Stay Connected With SWAN, Information on Visitors to Your Business, Safety Information About Robberies, Frequently Asked Questions About Pap Tests

Winter 2015 SWANzine
Topics: Testimonials, Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act Enforcement Information, Income Tax Information, Sex While Menstruating, Health Services

Fall 2014 SWANzine
Topics: Bill C-36 Updates, Legal Resources, Health Services, HIV Testing, Sex Work & Immigration Q & A, SWAN Announcements

Summer 2014 SWANzine
Topics: Bylaws Info, Legal News, Health Services, SWAN Announcements, What We Do, Lubes

SWANzine Spring 2014
Topics: SWAN Announcements, Work-Related Announcements, Tax Information, Health Services, Health and BBBJ, Law Information, Free Legal Services

SWANzine Winter 2014
Topics: Negotiating Payment, Police Visits, Health Services, Employment Services, Work-Related Stress, Yeast Infection, Health Clinics

SWANzine Summer 2013
Topics: Sexual Assault, Condom Negotiation, Sexual Health (STI & HIV), Health Clinics

SWANzine Winter 2013
Topics: Community Agencies (Crisis & Information Line), Legal Rights and the Police, Free Legal Resources, Immigration and Sex Work, Bylaw and Police Liaison & Policy Update, BC Family Law Update

2013 SWANzine (Farsi)

SWANzine Fall 2012
Topics: BCCDC Outreach Nurse Program, Employment Services, Free English Classes, Law Information, Free Legal Resource


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