Advocacy Toolkit
SWAN has created an advocacy toolkit to inform the community and service providers about the women we support and to present a critical perspective on human trafficking in Canada. We hope this resource results in more ethical and responsible front-line practice and policymaking.  If you are a police officer, CBSA officer, by-laws officer, health care provider, immigrant support worker, policy maker, researcher, from a faith-based group, from the media, or just an interested member of the public, this toolkit is for you. To read it in its entirety, click here.

Netreach Manual
SWAN has developed an online outreach ‘how-to’ manual based on our Netreach program called ‘Outreach in the Age of Information and Communication Technologies: A Manual for Sex Work Support Organizations’. If you are a sex work support organization that wants to know more about doing outreach online, email us at to obtain a copy of our manual.

Public Education Initiatives
– We publish a newsletter (SWANzine) four times a year. SWANzine provides current social, health, legal and safety information and resources. SWANzine is available in Chinese and English in print and on our website.
– We collaborate with community groups and participate in committees, forums, conferences, task forces and roundtables to raise public awareness and work towards policy change on issues affecting the women we work with.
– We provide in-services to community agencies to better understand and effectively and respectfully provide services to the women we support.
– We collaborate with international organizations to work for the rights of newcomer, migrant and immigrant women and sex workers, in countries of origin and countries of destination.
– We are a member organization of the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women, a human rights-based anti-trafficking international network of anti-trafficking, women’s rights, migrants’ rights and women workers’ rights organizations.

SWAN carries out evidence-based research on sex work in immigrant communities. SWAN also develops knowledge on the national and transnational dimensions of human trafficking from a critical perspective.

Research & Publications by SWAN Members

Backpage: Sex workers can find safety in online marketplace

Barriers to Justice for Migrant and Immigrant Sex Workers: A Community-Led Research Project

Sex Work, Immigration and Social Difference – SWAN Board President Dr. Julie Ham’s PhD Thesis and Book published by Routledge

Im/migrant Sex Workers, Myths and Misconceptions Advocacy Toolkit

The Palermo Protocol & Canada: The Evolution and Human Rights Impacts of Anti-Trafficking Laws in Canada (2002-2015)

Chinese Sex Workers in Toronto and Vancouver

Do Evidence Based Approaches Alienate Canadian Anti Trafficking Funders?

The Routledge Handbook on Crime and International Migration.

Strategic in/visibility: Does agency make sex workers invisible?

In the Eyes of the Beholder: Border enforcement, suspect travellers and trafficking victims

MOVING BEYOND ‘SUPPLY AND DEMAND’ CATCHPHRASES: Assessing the uses and limitations of demand-based approaches in anti-trafficking

What’s the Cost of a Rumor? A Guide to Sorting out the Myths and the Facts about Sporting Events and Human Trafficking

Understanding Needs, Recognizing RightsThe Stories, Perspectives and Priorities of Immigrant Iranian Women in Vancouver, Canada

The Role of Trust and Respect in Reaching Indoor-Based Sex Workers: A SWAN Participatory Research Project

Innovative HIV Prevention Outreach Service for Sex Workers in Massage Parlors in Vancouver