Abuser Alert

Sex workers have a right to work safely.

Once in a while, you may face an abuser. By filling out this form and letting SWAN know what happened, we can keep track of potential abusive situations that indoor sex workers in the Lower Mainland experience. With your consent, some of this info is provided to other sex workers to help keep everyone safer. We know that many women already have networks for sharing work information. We aim to complement these networks and provide a platform for those that might not have access to these networks.

If you wish to regularly receive information about abusers, please text “alert” to 604 719 6343 (English) or 778 865 6343 (Cantonese & Mandarin) or email info@swanvancouver.ca

Who is an Abuser?
Any person you want to warn other sex workers about. It may be people who
– force you to do things against your will
– are physically, emotionally or verbally abusive or threatening
– refuse to pay and/or steal from you
– try to take the condom off or refuse to wear a condom
– stalk you
– assault – physically or sexually

or anything else that you define as abusive

**Important Information. Please  Read Before Proceeding **

SWAN will NEVER share any personal or identifying details such as your name, address or phone number with the police or anyone who has signed up for the alert, unless you specify otherwise.

If you file a police report yourself, there is a greater likelihood of charges being pressed against the abuser (if this is what you wish to occur). Generally, the most that can come of SWAN sharing your anonymous information with the police is that they are aware of the abusers’ details and can keep the information on file.

SWAN staff will review all info we receive before sharing if/how you have indicated in order to protect the safety and security of those involved. We reserve the right not to publish information we feel is false or illegitimate.

If SWAN receives multiple reports of similar incidents that suggest they are connected, we may contact you for permission to share information about the abuser with the police (SWAN will NEVER give police your personal or identifying details unless you tell us otherwise). We feel it is important to report any potential repeat abusers.